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Prodigal Daughter

I was a child of the 80s, raised in a Colorado ski town, and, needless to say, exposed to copious amounts of drugs, particularly pot, throughout my childhood. Which is why I wanted absolutely to do with weed for much of my adult life, having run from stoner-sweet-stoner home in search of the glamorous life of art and fashion in NYC.

Fast-forward to 2015, and despite having had a medical card for years, I kept my own use closeted until Oregon legalized in 2015. Living in Portland, with a front-row seat to the cannabis frontier—that is, the future of medicine, health, wellness, sport, design, sustainability—I pivoted to writing about weed, or trying to. Lots of pitching, few bites. But one tiny breakthrough in particular: a piece in Wallpaper.

The most innovative design happening today is happening in cannabis. Which is why I launched Prodigal Daughter, LLC in 2016, as an outlet for the limitless creative opportunities within the cannabis space, and in 2019, I expect to see many of those projects finally come to fruition.

Skyline Studio

instagram: skylinestudiopdx

The most innovative design happening today is happening in cannabis. Coincidentally, in April 2018, Design Week Portland (DWP) and 4/20 overlapped. And since consumption is only legal in a private residence, I used my home as an official DWP Open House to showcase the very best products, practices and brands in cannabis. The space developed into a gallery/salon/supper club between the months of April and August 2018, hosting more than 50 intimate gatherings, 5-20 people at a time. Although the capacity was extremely limited, Skyline Studio served as an incubator for much larger projects now in the works.


Cannabis and High Fashion

I’m very pleased to be writing a regular column on all things Arts, Culture and/or Cannabis for Civilized.

High Art Initiative


Launching Spring 2019, High Art Initiative (HAI) champions non-profit arts organizations with the support and funding of the cannabis industry.