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Ghost Time

a novel, first of a trilogy, June 2013

When 15-year old Thea's math-genius boyfriend, Cam, mysteriously vanishes from their upstate New York town, the weirdness is just beginning. The FBI gets involved. The stars on the school flag go missing. Then intimate videos of Cam and Thea start going viral online - videos they never took. Cam claimed to be the world's foremost he trying to reach her, send her a sign-or is Thea losing her mind?

The Generosity of Women

a novel, June 2009

Joyce, the foul-mouthed and wildly successful curator of a controversial art exhibit on surveillance, who unexpectedly finds herself under surveillance—in her own bedroom.
Her best friend, Bobbie, a gynecologist—driven, poised, and in control—a woman who finally finds love at fiftysomething and watches, horrified, as her perfectly ordered world crumbles around her.
Bobbie’s patient, Lisa, a former juvenile offender and habitual runaway, who once dreamed of fame working as Joyce’s gallery assistant and is now struggling with her new identity as a banker’s wife and doting mother.
Lisa’s sister, Lynne, a middle-aged suburban mother whose penchant for home decorating conceals her troubled marriage and blinding desire to exact revenge for a childhood injustice.
Jordan, Lynne’s sixteen-year-old daughter, a former straight-A student and aspiring model who, no longer fitting in at school or at home, takes a part-time job at a supermarket to spite her mother—and finds a close confidant in her thirtyyear-old male boss.


stories and a novella, August 2004

In the seven stories and one novella collected in Unkempt, Courtney Eldridge gives life to characters of astounding originality. Probing the darker corners of the human psyche, she shows-with a sly and unexpected sense of humor-the neurotic mind at work, the skewed perspective of an alcoholic parent, the nature of sexual conquest, and the hazards of working in retail. Fresh, funny, and candid, Eldridge's writing delivers a new and marvelous vision of life.